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To increase conversion rates in e-business, product texts are a crucial tool alongside images. Steering clear of dull, impersonal product descriptions, we deliver unique, concise SEO product texts that our customers can use with their own customers. We create user experiences that stand out in the crowded mass of online businesses, starting from image and video creation. Where else can you get a sense of a product's unique characteristics if not right on set?

Our skill extends beyond words to the appropriate IT structures for reaching customers. The key is in target-specific wording paired with intelligent software structures and structured data management.

Product descriptions with a system

We know all about processes and interfaces. More than 90 media IT experts dedicate their daily work to the challenges of brand and product communication. The result is personalized, automated creation of product texts and their delivery for all communication channels. Whether PIM systems or online shops, we supply you with texts exactly where you need them. Together with our reliable partner empiriecom, we adapt precisely to customer needs and provide individual solutions for all product text requirements.

Our expertise extends to:
  • General text consulting, preparation of text briefings and style guides
  • Various types of texts: Short and long texts, bullet points, category texts, blog posts and lost more
  • Automated text creation based on structured data (e.g. product attributes or brand name)
  • Latent semantic optimization (LSO) using long-tail keyword combinations
  • Image captioning (tags, descriptions)
  • Definition of personas for targeted B2B and B2C customer contact
  • Creation of interfaces to provide content in your IT systems (e.g. PIM system or online shop)
  • Proofreading

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