Ethical business

Laudert’s goal is not only to generate an economic return, but also to make an ecological and social contribution. That is why, besides working on our own charitable projects, we actively participate in external projects and campaigns relating to social and societal issues as well as the environment, nature and biodiversity.

Our corporate ethics also include dealing honestly with clients, business partners and suppliers, whom we treat with respect and trust. Our intention is to build solid foundations on which to base long-lasting relationships. Trust, in particular, is built over longer periods of time, which is why we are particularly interested in entering into collaborations reaching beyond purely commercial purposes. In fact, we actively strive for personal partnerships based on diligence and honesty.

Consistency is key and we oblige our foreign subsidiaries and offshore service providers to comply with all Code of Conduct regulations for minimum social standards. It goes without saying that child and forced labour are strictly prohibited.

Laudert is committed to fully respecting the principles of fair and undistorted competition. Any behaviour that contradicts these principles will not be tolerated by the company. This includes, for example, competitive espionage, corruption, deception, bribery or price fixing. We do not want to gain a competitive advantage through unfair behaviour, but rather contribute to a competitive market, because that is the only way of sustainably promoting the quality of the services we offer.