Grundfos relies on Laudert Media IT

Maintaining documents like pricelists, which need to be continuously updated, is usually very time-consuming and prone to error. Updating or comparing contingency tables, content or other similar details not only takes a lot of time — it creates a great risk in terms of the accuracy and completeness of the data. This is especially true when dealing with critical details such as pricing. This process poses a difficult challenge, especially for companies that are internationally active and require multiple country-specific pricelists.

Grundfos relies on Laudert Media IT
The Danish pump manufacturer, Grundfos, based in Bjerringbro, was regularly faced with this time-consuming task. It started looking for a software solution that could automate the production of its extensive pricelists.

Laudert created a print publishing process for Grundfos on the basis of SAP Hybris and priint:comet. It automates the complex process of pricelist creation, allowing updates to be made extremely quickly, efficiently and reliably.

The starting point
The particular challenge in developing this solution was to merge the data — both text and complex charts — from various systems and use it to automatically create a new document. Implementing charts with multiple vertical intersections turned out to be an extremely complex task, as did the subsequent challenge of correctly displaying the contents in the new document.

The first step was to link all inventory and price data with appropriate priint:comet tags in InDesign charts. This allows price and inventory updates to be quickly extracted from the ERP in SAP Hybris using a CSV import, then displayed in InDesign with the help of priint:comet.

The second step was to automatically generate the pricelist charts, including titles, descriptions, footer notes, etc. This was done by using a script to export the data already contained in the document, then linking it with SAP Hybris using an import function. Once this foundation was laid, complex algorithms could be used to transfer the data to priint:comet, create entire sections automatically and keep them constantly up to date.

An additional problem that Laudert solved was the comparison of the data contained in the charts. By comparing the structural information in the InDesign document with the data from SAP Hybris, it was possible to not only make the updated content in the charts easily visible, but also to see whether products had been added or removed.

The workflow was continually optimized over the course of development. This means that it is now possible to automatically take the page numbers and create a table of contents, as well as generate a keyword index.

These procedures are now being used not only for the original German pricelists, but also for the country-specific versions in various languages. Additional international versions will be added in the future and switched over to the new workflow.

With the processes and interfaces created by Laudert, Grundfos is able to create its extensive pricelists far more efficiently and quickly, while significantly reducing the risk of errors within the document.

Laudert’s in-depth expert knowledge of interfaces in PIM and print:suite implementation projects is reiterated by Horst Huber of Werk II in this statement.