Majority share in eShot: Laudert expands its studio expertise

Europe’s leading media service provider invests in Berlin-Based content specialist

Laudert, one of the leading media service providers in Europe, secured a majority share in eShot AG last December. Christian Thum, founder of eShot AG, retains a share in the company and will continue to serve on the Board of Directors.

Both sides anticipate extensive synergies from the investment and collaboration. In the future, eShot will concentrate strategically on platform and marketplace photography assisted by Laudert’s process and workflow expertise. Laudert Studios will focus increasingly on jobs with demanding creative, consulting or design elements. The portfolios of both companies will thus be expanded and further developed consistently.

Holger Berthues, Head of Studios and Managing Director at Laudert, specifies: „Our investment in eShot leaves us more focused yet with a more agile position on the market. We are also uniting two companies with an enormous amount of expertise. We look forward to our future collaboration for content and strategy with eShot, Christian Thum and the synergies that will be achieved.“

Christian Thum is also enthusiastic about their joint future: „Laudert’s participation allows customers on both sides to benefit from broader expertise. In this way, we can reinforce our brand strategy and design a model for the future to create perfect image, text and video content together for all channels and communication purposes.“

Both companies also benefit from the increased capacity in terms of personnel and structures: Around 120 employees work for Laudert Studios in Vreden, Hamburg and Bad Waldsee, while there are around 60 employees at eShot in Berlin and Hamburg. A pool of more than 180 freelancers is also at the ready.

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