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Have you structured extensive product data in your PIM or CMS system, and are now looking for software for efficient database publishing? Would you like to automatically produce technical catalogs, price lists and brochures? Ideally with a plug-in for InDesign? Then we should get to know one another! Low-cost, fast print media production is inconceivable without the implementation of intelligent media IT. If catalogs, etc. are still being produced manually, it is inevitable that errors will arise when changing product data, e.g. article numbers and prices. With the help of database publishing, you can create print media at the click of a button. The existing infrastructure and processes are entirely different at each company and can sometimes be highly complex. As a specialist for media IT and media production, Laudert will analyze your current situation and optimize it with a long-term perspective. Often, small process changes and the right software can be enough to harness unused potential: Production times and costs can be reduced, while significantly increasing production security at the same time. Our thorough interface expertise and execution skills were confirmed by the Market Performance Wheel analysis by THE GROUP OF ANALYSTS in October 2015 and 2016.



Database Publishing


The dream team in the field of database publishing software:

Priint:Comet und Adobe InDesign

Implementation of database publishing software is often the key to the automated creation of print media using existing data sources. In this context, the Werk II application priint:comet has made a name for itself as a software solution for database publishing and Web2Print. Thanks to thorough interface competence and experience, Laudert has extensive expertise in the implementation of priint:suite for database publishing projects. Since July 2014, our team was the first company worldwide to be awarded the highest certification level from WERK II as an “Enterprise Solution Partner”. The priint:comet module is also used in LaudertMediaPort® projects, for instance. Based on previously defined templates, the partially or fully automated creation of entire catalogs or individual tables in InDesign is possible. The content used in the created document is linked to the data source through “placeholders”. This ensures at all times that the printed document corresponds to the latest version.

Together with Laudert, we entirely reworked the production process for our B2B catalog. The efficiency of the studio and media production team was paramount, as were the innovative technical solutions in data publishing developed by Laudert. We were able to shorten the production process by two weeks, which gave us a decisive competitive advantage.

Data storage, easy as pie!


We are entirely flexible when it comes to linking data sources. These sources could be PIM or DAM systems like LaudertMediaPort®, CELUM, Contentserv, Informatica (Heiler) or SAP Hybris. But CMS systems such as TYPO3, a direct database connection or a simple Excel table can also be used as data sources. Another possibility is the fully automated, direct creation of PDF documents without first having to structure them in Adobe InDesign. To do this, we integrate the new PDF renderer from the priint:suite. Examples of work and success stories, including projects with Grundfos, Grohe and Woolworth, are described in detail in our magazine. There you will also find our helpful five-point plan for successful database publishing.

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    With the help of hybris product content management, it is possible to summarize, manage and prepare product data for different communication channels. As one of the leading manufacturers in the PIM field, hybris provides an intelligent solution for acquiring customers with structured multimedia content.
  • Contentserv
    Highly flexible process assistance in the management of structured and unstructured content, and the output of this content into automated and creative media production, is the core system competency that Laudert provides as an experienced implementation partner.
  • informatica-1.png
    As a central repository for all product data to be distributed across all marketing channels, Informatica PIM offers a unified, central platform for Omnichannel Commerce.

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