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With 120 permanent employees and more than 50 sets, Laudert-Studios are one of the largest photo studios in Europe. Whether it’s product photos, fashion photos, jewelry photos or impressive videos – we will provide the perfect staging for your products!


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Laudert realisiert optimale E-Commerce-Aufnahmen.

Product photos for online and print

Does the visual language in your online shop need to be optimized to stay on trend and boost sales? Are you looking for creative ideas for teaser and catalog photography? Maybe you are thinking about an in-house studio in your logistics center? Then our experienced team of art directors, photographers, stylists, make-up artists and project coordinators will be happy to assist you.

We offer an all-inclusive service package

With a confident eye for trends, we will present your product in the perfect light while complying with CI. Assisted by IT and supplemented with our professional SEO texts, your entire content production at Laudert-Studios will be in good hands.

Studio Productions – Made Simple.

Learn more about our efficient studio productions
Contentproduktion stets im Fluss

Present at 3 locations

North, west, south – with our studios in Hamburg, Vreden and Bad Waldsee and more than 5.000 sqm production area we realize fast and customer-oriented perfect results. Where may we welcome you?

Need something a bit more involved?

In our creative unit, LOFT, we develop new image concepts to give your brand a memorable identity.

Photography LOFT



You can learn more about our studio expertise through the success stories in our magazine.

iPad zeigt Laudert-Online-Magazin mit Studio-IT-Expertise

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