Model photoshoot for Swarovski

Glamour content production that runs like clockwork

The jewelry photoshoot for our customer Swarovski is a perfect example of how initial photoshoot costs can be minimized by using an exceptionally well-thought-out production process. Two adjacent sets were designed in such a way that photo and video production could be seamlessly combined – a real productivity boost for the shoot!

There are many aspects to organizing a photoshoot: Which products should be photographed? How will the set be designed and constructed? Who will take care of choosing the models? What is the time frame like? These are only a few of the questions that need to be answered before production begins. Before the recent shoot for the Austrian crystal and jewelry manufacturer, Swarovski, the requirements were defined in detail and the photo production was carefully planned in advance. The goal was to display the elegant pieces of jewelry on the models in such a way that both the close-up shots and short video clips for e-commerce could be produced in one go.

One scene, many uses

That was the motto for this photo production. After being immaculately styled by our hair and makeup artists, the models started off at set A, which was set up for traditional e-commerce photography. They then continued straight to set B, where short video clips were filmed. The benefits of this production method are clear: first of all, the costs for the models were minimized, thanks to the photo and video productions running parallel to each other. The models were styled and the jewelry pieces were arranged only once – a decisive benefit, given that the pieces were very susceptible to scratches and dirt and needed to be meticulously cleaned before the photoshoot. All images and video footage were finished within only two weeks; production ran like clockwork.

Jessica Singer Yahm from Swarovski also recognized how efficient this production technique is: „This way of working allowed us to keep the costs for models at a minimum, protect the jewelry, and get wonderful results in a short time. Laudert made it possible for us to efficiently create a real added value for our customers with multiple product images, including close-ups and complementary video sequences.“

In addition to photographing the jewelry on the models, the Laudert studio also created emotionally impactful watch animations, which were published in the online shop and on social media channels.

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